Essential oil diffusers have been growing in popularity; they're a personal, portable way to diffuse flavored essential oils. The long list of essential oil benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, relaxation, and better sleep. 

MONQ is the leader of this essential oil movement; their devices are small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. We've been testing out the different essential oil blends and have loved how convenient and soothing the aromatherapy is! Our favorite blend is "ocean" which is composed of eucalyptus, tangerine, and lime. 


MONQ essential oils are also vegan friendly and cruelty free. While the device is currently not refillable or reusable, the people at MONQ are committed to making their products more sustainable as soon as possible. But for now, they offer a great recycle program, which you can check out here


MONQ now carries a variety of clothing and accessories, including shirts, yoga and swim wear, and hats. They also have products for your MONQ diffuser, like necklaces and desktop holders. Check out everything they have to offer here!

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Disclaimer: These diffusers are not vaporizers, and they do not contain any nicotine. 

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