The End of Net Neutrality: What Now?

Today, the Federal Trade Commission's repeal of net neutrality officially went into effect.  What is net neutrality? The Obama-era regulation prevented certain sites or providers from changing accessibility.  This ensured equal access to the Internet, regardless of provider or price.  Service providers could not discriminate against content by blocking or slowing sites sites or create a "fast lane" that customers could pay for to access content more quickly.  

Why does this matter to you? Net Neutrality protected small sites and businesses by protecting equal access.  Today, with the repeal in action, your internet service provider could block The Greenverse if they so choose.  Brands that support grassroots organizations or movements that are contrary to our new administration have the potential to be blocked, slowed, and silenced.  

What can you do? Sustainability is not mainstream or even accepted by our President yet; we have to keep talking, tweeting, sharing, and reposting.  But we can't do that if we are fighting the odds.  Your state will have elections to maintain parts of net neutrality; GO VOTE.  This is not a matter of party preference or ideology, this is about keeping our internet equal and keeping movements like this alive.  

Contact your state reps here:

Mason Twins