Clean At Sephora...A Step Towards Sustainably Beauty?

Sephora just announced a new category of products, "Clean At Sephora," in an effort to easily identify products that are free from sulfates, parabens, and other nasty ingredients.  This simplifies greenwashing terms that many brands use such as "Organic, Eco-Friendly, Planet-Friendly, etc" and actually creates concrete standards that they must meet.  Firstly, we'd like to congratulate Sephora for taking a step in the right direction and proving that clean beauty isn't just for small, alternative brands.  Labels like these, at big name brands, reinforce how important it is to know what we are using on our skin.  50 brands have already been seal-approved and we hope more are on the way.  

While this new seal is big news, Sephora has also taken some more lowkey steps to improve their sustainability.  They use LED lights in North American stores now to reduce emissions and energy waste.  They also launched a lipstick tube recycling program through their own line to promote cyclical consumption.  

We plan to stop into Sephora and check out the new labels, and this post shall be updated accordingly!

Mason Twins