How To Get Ariana Grande's #7Rings Hair, But Like, Ethically


If you want ~inches~ but don’t know where to start, consider this your all access guide. First things first, natural looking hair will cost a bit of coin, so prepare yourself. If the hair is cheap, it’s likely a blend of synthetic locks or non-human stands…..yeah you don’t even WANT to know.

Even 100% human, virgin hair is often sourced unethically; young women and girls have their locks stolen for profit and receive nothing in return. So in an industry that is so inherently troublesome when it comes to ethics, how does one find quality hair?

Enter Perfect Locks, my dream come true, my hair savior, and true pioneer in the ethical hair industry. I can personally attest to how wonderful they are when it comes to faux-hair-you-can-feel-good-about because I wear a set of their clip ins every day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Perfect Locks empowers women globally; they source hair from Tonsure rituals in India, a ceremony where women shave their heads and offer them to a higher power. They then select and inspect this hair and provide it to women in the form of wigs, weaves, and extensions. Hair is so important for women across the world and Perfect Locks honors this through their ethical process.

I’ve felt many a weave before and I must say Perfect Locks is SUPERIOR. Their hair is extremely soft and behaves naturally, blending perfectly if you have clip-in hair extensions like myself. (You can click here for the exact set I own! #twins) If their quality and commitment to ethical practices alone aren’t enough to convince you, they consistently give back to support various non-profit organizations and communities worldwide. For example, they donate a portion of profits to the Cancer Support Community in their home community of San Francisco. Hair can have a huge impact on patients’ lives and I love that Perfect Locks supports such an amazing organization.

For a personal anecdote, I wear the 7 piece clip in curly set. It curls JUST like my normal curly hair so the bend is stellar. I usually wear all 7 pieces because I have a big ol’ head……goes to show you that they don’t short you on the hair. They are super easy to wash and style, plus I use their spray leave in conditioner religiously to keep my inches all nice and shiny.

We will continue to do hair care/styles/and more with Perfect Locks, so stay tuned!

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Mason Twins