How To Zero Waste Your Makeup Removal w/ Croon

How do you currently remove your makeup? Towelettes? Washcloth and face wash? or *gasp* cotton rounds?! Okay if you said yes to any of those, I am here to help you. No, better yet, I’m here to LEVEL your existence. Yeah, thank me later.

Okay, first, let’s explain why these first options aren’t ideal…

  1. Makeup remover towelettes / wipes

    Everyone has used these at some point, often in lieu of actual cleanser which is a horrifying thought in all honesty. These are your typical 20 or 50 pack of wipes in a little plastic/unidentifiable-material packaging. To make matters worse, I just watched a video yesterday and found out Neutrogena makes individually wrapped wipes. INDIVIDUALLY. WRAPPED. That’s taking like 800 susty steps back. These wipes are not ideal because they’re single-use (think=if I can only use it once, probably best to avoid it altogether) and they come in non-reusable packaging. Just give these up already if you haven’t yet.

  2. Washcloth and cleanser

    Okay, less of an issue here. The cloth is reusable, but what are you cleansing with? It’s added steps and potentially added plastic. This is The Worst, but it isn’t The Best either.

  3. Cotton rounds and micellar water

    This is so 2016 and if you still do this, I have the BIGGEST level up for you. This is wasteful and honestly not that effective; I used to have to use like 15 rounds to remove a full beat. Thank you, NEXT.

Now that we got that out of the way, you’re probably like, Morgan, how do I make my makeup removal #susty? You can’t just drag me and not give me a solution! Show me the way! Sis, I GOT you. Do you want a zero waste solution, that you can travel with, and need ZERO extra products for?


This is the best invention maybe known to man kind. Like that’s a bold claim but I’m making it.

What is Croon?

Croon is an all-in-one skincare system that’s made with both your skin and the planet in mind. Their microfiber cloth rounds are specifically formulated to remove makeup, cleanse, and exfoliate your face with NO EXTRA PRODUCTS REQUIRED. Yes, you heard that right, just you some Croon and water and your face is cleansed of makeup AND exfoliated. Each fiber lasts 200 washes which if you do some math, that saves the planet from 4oo wipes being thrown away. That also saves you quite a bit of money (some math I haven’t done but you get the picture).

So just how does one ~Croon~?

You can start with the cleansing starter fibers that come in four different colors. This is a two pack of fibers that will effectively cleanse your face of all makeup and dirt for that fresh glow.

cleansing starter fibers in spring

cleansing starter fibers in spring

You can also get the exfoliating starter fibers which come in two colors. These are for some gentle exfoliating, no extra product required!

exfoliating starter fibers in solar

exfoliating starter fibers in solar

But the BEST deal in my opinion is the essentials kit (two color schemes). This has 3 cleansing fibers and 1 exfoliating fiber PLUS a little bag to wash them in!

essentials kit in multi

essentials kit in multi

And if you’re a seasoned pro, they have a jumbo pack: the all in kit. This also comes in two color schemes and has 7 cleansing fibers, 2 exfoliating fibers, and a wash bag. Literally everything you need!

all in kit in waves

all in kit in waves

Croon is the perfect way to eliminate waste in your skincare routine. Shop all their products here and follow them on Instagram here!

Mason Twins