Bi-Coastal Chain Cha Cha Matcha Aims To Eliminate Waste With Compostable Cups

If you’re from or have visited NYC or LA, chances are you’re familiar with trendy matcha cafe, Cha Cha Matcha. They’re known for their superb matcha creations and instagram-worthy pink interior. They offer a number of different dairy-free milks as well as vegan pastries and soft serve.

But the chain hasn’t stopped there. In addition to their plant-based offerings, they’ve made an active commitment to sustainability beyond the matcha. Their cups, straws, napkins, etc. are all biodegradable, meaning zero plastic waste from their stores. This is a huge step; coffee shops generate thousands of tons of plastic waste per day but a compostable cup model like Cha Cha’s could change that.

They currently have two locations in NYC and one in West Hollywood (which is our favorite). The outdoor seating and plant-filled interior make it a must-see if you’re in the area!

Mason Twins