Eco-Friendly Air BnBs You Need To Book Now

Travel is probably one of the least sustainable things you can partake in, and yet we all do it; sometimes it is a necessity, but mostly it’s because traveling the world and expanding your horizons is one of the most enlightening, engaging, and fun experiences.

Staying in Air BnBs or similar services is one of the easiest ways to travel more sustainably. Hotels are extremely wasteful in terms of electricity, water, and resources, but by staying a private room or home, you can limit all of the resources necessary for your stay! There are so many ways to travel sustainably but often we hardly think of booking sustainable rooms. These Air BnBs are not only beautiful but eco-friendly too!

The 02Haus, Portland, Oregon

This home, one of the countries most sustainable living locations, was designed by sustainable architects, and uses solar power, indirect lighting, and a heat-recovery ventilation system, making it a net-zero energy space. 

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Eco-Friendly Star Gazers Paradise in Cantenbury, New Zealand

This rural resort was designed to be one with its natural surroundings, and is perfect for star gazing or hiking!

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Eco-Friendly Villa in Fuerteventura, Spain

This villa is not only powered by solar energy, but is also built from local materials! It stands within a national park, and is perfect for anyone looking for a nature retreat.

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Earth Home in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

This off-the-grid home used to be a yoga retreat, but recently converted to an Air BnB for anyone looking to hike, explore, or relax in a solar powered escape.

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Midcentury Mod Cabin, Joshua Tree, California

This cabin is in beautifully secluded Joshua Tree, and features two studio spaces made out of refurbished materials!

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Romantic Remote Eco Beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This eco beach is completely untouched and secluded; perfect for a lover’s getaway. It is completely solar powered, and all the food is sourced locally!

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Eco Triplex With Green Roof in Brooklyn, NYC

It is rare to find an 1,800 sq foot space in NYC, let alone one with this much lush greenery! This triplex in Brooklyn has it all, nestled in the big city.

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