Build A Zero Waste Travel Kit

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Get ready for your next trip with a susty kit you can build yourself!


Okay, first let’s start with a backpack. For something unique and affordable, we recommend checking out a thrift store. Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, and Goodwill have huge selections and trendy styles.


Okay, great, we have a big bag to hold all of our goodies. Up next, is food/bev. For meals on the go, we’ll need a tiffin, a set of bamboo cutlery, straws, and a napkin or two.

Here is a compact bento tiffin from Amazon for under $20! You can take your leftovers and bring along snacks with ease.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 9.36.25 PM.png

Get utensils and a straw wrapped in a cute carrying case here ($15 for a two pack!)

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 9.41.20 PM.png

And a set of cute napkins to avoid paper waste!

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 9.44.32 PM.png

And next we need shopping essentials….reusable bags of course!

Here are some trendy netting bags and here are some canvas ones, both from Package Free Shop!

Those are the basics! Did we miss something? Hit us up @thegreenverse and let us know what your travel essentials are!

Mason Twins