Airlines You Should Be Flying for Greener Travel

It’s no secret that jet fuel and air travel are one of the largest pollution sources. In fact, the travel industry was the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide in 2018, according to a new study. So despite a desire to participate in low impact living, travel, and all of its negative impacts, is a necessity for many people.

How can travel possibly be more eco-friendly? Choosing the right airline! Here a short list of the airlines that are, comparatively, the most eco-conscious, that if possible, you should choose for your next trip!

Virgin America

This airline has won “most green” airline from Greentopia. However, last year Virgin was acquired by Alaska airlines, which has ranked the third most eco-friendly airline by the same company. Virgin America was said to have “good fuel conservation practices, progress on alternative fuel types, participation in recycling programs, green food options, green building design, and availability of carbon offsets.”


United was said to be the most improved airline in terms of eco-conscious habits, according to Greentopia. They awarded the major airline company 3 “leafs” for their efforts.

Air France

If you are traveling in Europe, Air France, according to Greentopia, is the most eco-friendly airline. The company claims that Air France has “incredible reporting, strong commitment to biofuels and recycling, and carbon offsets.”

Greentopia also outlined the most eco-friendly aircrafts, regardless of airline companies. While many know that flying in a private jet or the equivalent is far more cost ineffective when it comes to green travel, here are some other jets that are far more eco-friendly.

The Airbus A319 is 15% more efficient than the Boeing 737-300, which is of a similar size and one of the most inefficient commercial airplanes.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 20% more fuel-efficient by design than the Boeing 767.

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