College Green Tech Essentials: Speakers

Going back to school? Having a small, portable speaker is a dorm room essential, but did you know that many speakers have plastic parts that will never decompose? Especially if you are looking for inexpensive models, these are likely to break within a few months and force us to throw them away.

What if there was a speaker that required no battery, bluetooth, or aux cord for under 30 dollars? Check out Morph speakers: the sustainable, wooden alternative to a sound system. These speakers naturally amplify sound through the carving of the wood, so if you are looking for a personal speaker (obviously not a professional sound system) this is perfect for any college dorm room! 



Better yet, each one is handmade, and you can even get them engraved with your home state! A perfect addition to a room if you are traveling out of state for school. 

Check out Morph!

Mason Twins