Traveling and trash seem to go hand in hand. Between pre-packaged airport food and complimentary drinks on the aircraft, the amount of waste created on one trip can seem massive. However, there are some simple ways to reduce trash during your next trip without compromising any luxuries!


1.     Bring a tumbler/glass jar for drinks

This is great for the airport, on the plane, and vacation itself! You can use a tumbler at coffee shops or on the aircraft when asking for drinks. Instead of using plastic cups, invest in a cute glass jar to bring with you on tropical vacations when ordering drinks on the beach.


2.     Bring your own reusable container or napkin

Perfect for grabbing a quick bite at the airport or a snack on the plane, a reusable container is the perfect way to get food on the go.

Containers, bags

3.     Pack some airport meals prior to departure

Pre packaged food accounts for the majority of travel waste. Here are some portable snacks you can bring along in a reusable container!

Airport meals

4.     Bring a hand towel

Not just for travel, hand towels are a great alternative to using excessive amounts of paper towels. 

Hand towel

5.     Bring any utensils you might need

Both for your travel meals and any meals on te go you might grab on your vacay, having forks, spooks, chopsticks, and metal straws are a quick and easy way to cut down on waste.

Chopsticks, Straws, Cutlery

6.     Bring bags to carry any groceries you might purchase

If you plan doing a grovery run on your trip, bring a bag to carry your purchases!

These are great for carrying groceries or doubling as a day bag!


7.     If possible, carry on your items versus checking bags

This one may seem small, but the stickers used on check bags to tag luggage are like any other sticker: not recyclable and headed straight to landfills. Because of the adhesive on stickers, they are not suitable to be reused. Instead, try to carry on bags as much as possible!

8.     Get a mobile boarding pass

This one is super easy; if you have an Iphone, you can add any boarding pass to your “Wallet” via the conformation email after checking in. If you are on Android, there will be a web link sent to your email, which you can open with your boarding pass, or screenshot it for easier access.

Mason Twins