Best Thrifting Spots in Denver

Planning a trip to Denver? Check out these 5 thrifting spots in the downtown area.

  1. Goldmine Vintage

    This is a dope spot right in the middle of the section on Broadway where tons of resale shops live. This one stands out with its film-esque light-up sign and huge, but curated selection.

  2. Regal Vintage

    This is a hidden gem, and if you’re willing to go, it’s hip vibe and eclectic picks make it a must-see. The artsy pieces make it totally unique (think local Buffalo Exchange). You can find fun flair pieces but also everyday tees.

  3. Goodwill

    Goodwill is everywhere but this one is incredible! So many good finds and super inexpensive. Name brands like Calvin Klein are $10 and under!!

  4. Rags

    This is more of a vintage/consignment store, so it’s super curated. The interior is sleek and gorgeous, with only 250 pieces put out per day. If you’re looking for a unique piece but don’t want to hunt the racks, this is the spot!

  5. Buffalo Exchange

    Buffalo is also a chain but always has good pieces due to their selective nature. They are also located right in the vintage hub, so worth a visit!

  6. ARC

    Arguably one of Denver’s best thrift spots, ARC appeals the the treasure-hunter in us all. A must-visit spot; wrack the racks to your heart’s content!

Check out our founders Kennedy and Morgan thrifting in Denver on tour!

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