The Perfect Solar Lamp For Any Room

Saving energy is hard. Not only has technology become simultaneous with our day-to-day lives (laptops, cellphones, gaming devices, Airpods!), but seemingly all of our basic necessities require electricity. Cutting back on electricity can be one of the hardest things to do when thinking about becoming more eco-conscious; no one wants to watch TV in the dark, or give up their refrigeration!

Furthermore, particularly if you are a young person or a college student, it’s hard to control where your energy is coming from. Often, the cheapest (and dirtiest) fuel is Fuel #6, and is used widely on college campuses. Even if your household is powered by natural gas, it typically takes energy to deliver that natural gas to all of the homes it is used within.

One of the best energy sources we can harness is solar; it is completely non-invasive towards the planet in terms of harvesting it, and is an unlimited natural resource. However, there is a reason that so few homes have solar panels: it is extremely expensive to power a home purely by solar energy.

However, if you live in a relatively sunny place, we have a cheap alternative. Now, while this won’t power all of your devices, it is a small step towards energy conservation. These Mason jar solar lamps and lids are perfect for reading late at night, watching TV, or when you need some extra light but don’t want to switch on your overhead. They charge during the day and switch on in low light; no plugging in required.

They come in colorful versions (just the lid, you can buy any size jar you like!)

These come in cool or warm white, jars included!

You can also buy larger versions for bigger spaces, or the outdoors!

Mason Twins