How To Make Your Cleaning Routine More Sustainable: Saint Olio

This article was brought to you by Saint Olio.

We often think about making our self-care routine more sustainable, but what about your home’s cleaning routine? Traditional cleaning supplies are by and large produced in plastic packaging and made with numerous toxic ingredients, which is neither good for your home, those who live in it, and the planet. Fortunately, there’s a solution: natural cleansing products in glass bottles that actually get the job done!

Saint Olio is a company based in Portland, Oregon that produces glass-bottled supplies for both the body + home, with a focus on the healing and cleansing powers of natural ingredients. From their site: “The power of smell is tied directly to our emotions. With our products I want to transport the user to a beautiful place. My goal with Saint Olio is to create a beautifully fragranced, synthetic free line that brings true pleasure to the user."

Saint Olio has three different scented lines, all fragranced naturally.

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Each line has an all purpose aromatic cleaner, body refresher, cleaning concentrate, as well as an air and linen refresher. Saint Olio is committed to sharing the benefits of their natural products with customers, so they make it simple by stating the primary ingredients in each product, as well as their benefits! For instance, their Neroli line includes:

Geranium: deodorizing, fungicidal
Rose: antiseptic, nerve tonic
Sweet orange: uplifting, bactericidal
Neroli: deodorizing, soothing

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An added bonus: Saint Olio makes the cutest tea towels, perfect for replacing paper in your kitchen! These towels are reusable, and perfectly accompany their cleaning products.

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