The Greenverse

who we are:

We’re the change you want to see in the world. Our planet’s surface temperature is rising, species are going extinct, global air quality is declining, and time is running out. We need enact change today if we want our children to see a better tomorrow. With an abundant amount of online resources, social media posts, UN climate reports, and viral #10yearchallenge hashtags, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. It seems like everyone is talking, but no one is actually doing. There’s enough good information out there; it’s time to take action.

what we do:

We want to create positive environmental change on a larger scale. Every month, we fundraise for an organization committed to finding solutions to a variety of environmental issues. In addition to our monthly projects, we want to continue to raise awareness through social media and a weekly newsletter, building a community committed to creating a greener universe.


july 2020 campaign:

For our first campaign, we want to support an local organization that’s keeping our beaches clean: the Surfrider Foundation. We love Surfrider because they utilize their large coalition to attack many different issues: offshore drilling, plastic waste, biodiversity threats, and more. Furthermore, they are transparent with their donations; 87% of every dollar goes back into their campaigns.

We will be making a memorial gift to Surfrider in honor of Asya Morgan at the end of the month. Please consider donating or sharing our campaign below:

July 2020: Donate to Surfrider

where the greenverse is going:

We call ourselves The Greenverse because we see green living as universal. We want to hear from our community about what kinds of issues and organizations you’d like to support; get in touch with us at or any of our social media @thegreenverse.

other #susty resources:

In addition to getting involved in our monthly projects, we want you to keep taking those small steps everyday to live a greener life. There is plenty of good information out there; here are some of our favorites on climate change, veganism, plastic-free living, and environmental conservation.