Tesla's Supercharger Cuts Recharge Time In Half

Tesla has been making waves in the last year following its successful launch of the Model 3 last July. The brand is now looking to improve driver experience and efficiency with its new V3 Supercharger. Rolling out in a month, the V3 aims to slash recharge times, improving efficiency by 50%. Tesla states the new Supercharger will be able to add 75 miles in 5 minutes and a whopping 1,000 miles in an hour.

The new “liquid-cooled cable” in the V3 is what separates it from the V2, creating faster charging times and increased range. This breakthrough will mean less time waiting at stations and more flexibility when driving distances.

Tesla said on their blog: “By increasing the number of vehicles we're able to charge at each Supercharger in a day, the investment we're making in our network will go significantly further with every V3 station deployed.” The strength and consistency of their charging network is important as the popularity of the Model 3 increases. Starting at just $35,000, the Model 3 is expected to take the streets by storm; V3 stations will be crucial in keeping drivers efficiently charged.

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Mason Twins