New York To Be The Second State To Ban Plastic Bags


Another victory in the war against plastic: today, New York has decided to effectively ban plastic bags. While this won’t be effective until next March, their decision to eliminate bags is a step in the right direction. Everyone can agree plastic bags are a costly and detrimental part of our society that can easily be eliminated with a reusable alternative. Seeing plastic-free bills put into place sets a legal precedent for more environment conservation law.

There are a few loopholes to this new legislation, such as newspaper bags, takeaway, and deli bags. These select situations are more complicated when it comes to reusables, but it is possible. Bringing a bento/to go box of your own to restaurants that you KNOW give huge portions is always a safe bet. And, if you’re still eating the meal of meat, try bringing a beeswax or reusable wrap to the counter.

This ban follows California’s decision to ban plastic bags from stores in 2016. The difference? California chose to mandate bag use all together and charges a $0.10 fee per bag. Because only 9% of everything “recycled” is ACTUALLY recycled, making a switch from plastic to paper doesn’t fix the issue at hand. Being able to use paper at no charge give the false impression that certain types of waste are better and allow people to still over consume. This bill should come with a paper bag fee to further incentivize the use of reusables.

We will keep you updated on this bag-ban here, so stay tuned!

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Mason Twins