Did The #ClimateStrike Scare You? Good, Here Are Ways You Can Help Out


Your social feeds are probably flooded with photos like the one above; it’s estimated that over a million people took to the streets Friday, March 15 to raise awareness about our planet’s dire environmental crisis. Early this year, the UN released a report documenting the irreversible damage done to the planet along with a timeline that the world must follow in order to prevent any more harm. Their conclusion? We have approximately a decade to get our act together. A decade to make changes that the world has been resisting for years. Are you afraid? We understand. It’s daunting but if every person makes an effort, those actions add up. Here are 10 things you can do to make your time on this planet count.

  1. Eat less meat (this collectively will have a HUGE impact on greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere)

  2. For Pete’s sake, get rid of the plastic water bottles (grab a bottle here and download Find Tap here to always know where the nearest fountain is)

  3. Break up with fast fashion (sorry Forever 21 and Fashion Nova, you’re #cancelled)

  4. Get a reusable coffee cup (here’s one!)

  5. Cook more (reduce takeaway containers and plastic bags)

  6. Challenge yourself to buy 50% from farmers’ markets (less plastic, more local produce)

  7. If you can walk to your destination, do it! (save $ on gas, save fossil fuels from entering the atmosphere)

  8. Swap AC for open windows (less energy consumed = lower energy bill)

  9. Simplify your hair care with bar shampoo and conditioner (think about all the plastic bottles you’ll save)

  10. DIY, donate, or sell old clothes instead of throwing them out (clothes take up so much space in landfills, do your part to keep them out!)

Mason Twins