There's A Petition To Bring A Vegan Entree To Panda Express

Advertisements for this Panda Express Petition have been floating around my instagram feed so I thought why not address it here, once and for all. If you’re not yet in the loop, Panda Express is a fast-food, Chinese-inspired restaurant that doesn’t offer any vegan entree options. Shocking! Most fast-food places don’t have a ton of plant based options, but many vegans find comfort in Asian-fusion due to the abundance of tofu and other veggie-based dishes. Panda, however, carries none of this and some of the vegans are outraged! So much so, that they made a petition. Yes, you heard that right, there is a petition to bring a vegan option to Panda Express. To be fair, there’s a petition for quite literally everything on, but come on. All this, for some kung pao cauliflower? To make matters worse, the culprits ran instagram ads for a week straight. Panda Express, for the love of God, give the vegans their tofu so we can all move on.

Mason Twins