This Oakland Company is Reinventing Farm-to-Table

When you think of farm-to-table dining, what comes to mind? Most likely, an affluent, middle age family dining at a "rustic" suburban restaurant and immediately after hopping in their SUVs to head home and overuse their AC machines.  Am I wrong? 

Farm-to-table might sound like a greenwashing term, but it actually is super important in the sustainability movement. By purchasing directly from farmers, we empower them financially, cutting out the middle men.  

People's Kitchen Collective in Oakland, CA is hoping to reinvent the narrative around local dining.  Historically a poor, predominately black city, Oakland is changing as more money floods the streets.  As residents gain more disposable income, they have the power to think critically about where their food comes from.  PKC sources ingredients locally and collectively cooks a meal with as many guests as possible.  From their site: "The goal of the People's Kitchen Collective is to not only fill our stomachs, but also nourish our souls, feed our minds, and fuel a movement." 

Check them out here!

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