20 Green Gifts Under $20

This year, we are trying to give gifts that our friends and family will not only love, but will help them see the beauty and benefit of lower-impact living. Below are some inexpensive ideas to help you with your Christmas list!

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 11.05.03 PM.png
  1. These glass boba straws

    Get this eclectic gift for your friend who loves tapioca! This brand even comes with a cleaning brush, perfect for every day users.

  2. This cute water bottle

    Swell released their new Sip by Swell line, featuring a 17 oz bottle with fun prints and patterns. We chose their NYC inspired bottle; a fun and festive red for the holidays.

  3. These 7-layer vegan pistachio bars

    Baked goods are always a nice surprise during the holidays. These vegan bars are sure to please, and you can package them sustainably for a truly zero-waste gift.

  4. These Japanese inspired cloth towels

    One of our newest zero waste swaps is a Japanese inspired hand towel. In Japan, people carry around personal hand towels instead of using paper towels in public. These printed cloth towels are a beautiful way to introduce anyone to a low-waste lifestyle.

  5. Apple music or Spotify subscription

    A truly zero waste gift. And who doesn’t need a few free months of music?

  6. This lavender body bar

    The ladies of @sustainyoself on Instagram have started an e-commerce shop, selling some great eco friendly essentials. We personally love this body bar and the reusable/recyclable tin it comes in!

  7. These mint chocolate shortbread cookies

    Again, you can never go wrong with baked goods. These mint chocolate cookies are sure to please (vegan too!)

  8. This mini mason jar set, or this set of metallic ones

    These mason jars are unique and perfect for everyday use.

  9. These cute beeswax wraps

    Beeswax wraps are perfect for your friends who love to cook and always have leftovers!

  10. These vegan brownies (made by Ben & Jerry’s brownie supplier!)

    These are the best store bought brownies on the market; Greystone is the bakery that supplies to Ben & Jerry’s and they practice Open Hiring, the first in NYC to implement this practice.

  11. Netflix or Hulu subscription

    Who doesn’t love TV?

  12. This beautiful sustainably made scrunchie

    Hara the Label is a well known company on IG for their sustainably made lounge wear. This scrunchie comes in all their amazing colors and will only cost you $15.

  13. This chrome safety razor

    This safety razor will eliminate the plastic out of your shaving routine. And it looks pretty cool too!

  14. These vegan sticky buns

    Another baked good, sticky buns scream holiday festivity!

  15. This raindrop glass soap dispenser

    Soap dispensers are great gifts if you are looking to reduce plastic waste in an elegant way. And, companies like Method will do refills of glass dispensers.

  16. A bottle of wine from this sustainable winery

    Sustainable wineries and farming practices are more important than ever. These twins’ operate a vineyard sustainably, and have plenty of wines for under $20 to choose from.

  17. WSJ subscription

    For your cultured friend.

  18. A festive eco friendly candle

    These candles come in all kinds of scents, including Christmas Pear and Caramel Rum Cake.

  19. This sustainable sock gift set

    Pact is one of our favorite lounge/activewear brands, and their socks are not only festive, but some of the comfiest you will ever wear.

  20. These vegan caramels

    JJ’s Cocomels are some of our favorite vegan candies. This variety pack is just under $20 and comes with 4 flavors!

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