Green Gift Wrapping Ideas!

With the holiday season upon us, gift-giving and receiving is in full swing among friends and loved ones. While there isn’t too much you can do about receiving a plastic-wrapped gift (mention to friends/family before hand how you are trying to live low waste!) there are definitely ways to reuse old wrapping paper/bags, as well as wrap gifts with sustainable materials!

Firstly, what is the issue with traditional wrapping paper? Typically, the paper most people use to wrap presents is inexpensive, and these cheap fibers are too weak to be recycled. With an average of 42 presents given each year by Americans, millions of tons of wrapping paper are thrown away as a result.

Here are our tips for a low-impact gift giving season!



  1. Reusing old wrapping paper/boxes

    Turn old gift wrapping into something new! You can make envelopes, orgami, line drawers or trays, and more! You can even reuse it for another gift, but try to use it in a way that will extend its life the longest, or encourage your recipient to reuse, too!

  2. Don’t use tape/glue/adhesives to wrap presents, and leave off the plastic bows

    Tape and adhesives make even recyclable materials unable to be recycled, so make sure that when wrapping, you use techniques that can be reused or recycled. You can use twine or other sustainable string materials, or if you are wrapping gifts with cloth, wrap the fabric directly! And, instead of using bows, try leaves or flowers. I’ve even seen dehydrated fruit as decor!

  3. Use recyclable/reusable materials when wrapping gifts

    Reusable or recyclable materials include paper wrapping, glass jars or containers. One of my favorite things to wrap in is furoshiki, which is a Japanese sheet of fabric. Everyone in Japan has at least one furoshiki, and it can be used for anything, which is why it is the perfect gift! It wraps beautifully, and can be used as a bag, a shawl, and more!



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