Fast Food Chains That Are Going Vegan In 2019

Veganism is on the rise and with consumers looking for more plant-based options at their favorite restaurants, the possibilities are endless. We never thought we’d see a vegan burger at a fast food giant, but it’s 2019 and meat-free patties like the Impossible burger are infiltrating the market.

Interestingly enough, White Castle was the first chain to offer Impossible sliders for just $1.99. The midwestern chain’s innovative decision to offer a vegan patty came as a surprise to many, but so far, it’s been wildly successful. Their choice to offer a plant-based entree has sparked a conversation in the fast food industry; Burger King, Red Robin, and Jack-In-The-Box have all debuted plant based patties (either the Impossible or Beyond Meat version). And, due to overwhelming demand, even KFC is coming out with vegan chicken. 2019 is the year we finally see veganism as a mainstream option and we are HERE for it.

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Mason Twins