Drink Recipes To Use With Your Bamboo Straws

This post is brought to you by Vivir Verde.

One of the easiest zero waste swaps you can make is a reusable straw. Even if you’re new to the lifestyle, buying a set of bamboo straws and cleaners will be the simplest way to transition to eco-friendly living! One of our favorite sets is this one by Vivir Verde, which you can purchase with Amazon Prime! They come in a set of eight with two cleaning brushes, and everything comes packed in a little case; perfect if you’re on the go.

Here are some fun recipes to use with your new straw set!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.31.41 PM.png

1. Iced Coffee

This one is super simple; you can use your favorite dairy free milk, or a creamer like Nutpods! Add a Torani syrup, which come in bulk glass bottles for the perfect low-waste morning pick-me-up. Straws are essential for iced coffee and these bamboo ones are perfect!

2. Smoothie

Here are some great smoothie recipes to try out when you want a breakfast you can take on the go! With the cleaner brush, smoothies will be no problem for your new straws.

3. Sweet Tea

Make this loose leaf tea in bulk so you can fill up and sip on it all week long! Pair it with your favorite sweetener, a big glass of ice, and a bamboo straw and you’ll have a perfect treat for a warm day.

4. Homemade soda

With a Sodastream and some Torani syrups, make your favorite soda flavors without the waste. Add your bamboo straw and sip away!

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