Vegan Italian Food That'll Convince Any Cheese Lover This IS It (in SLC)

Since going vegan, there have only been a few things I’ve missed: In-n-Out, strawberry milkshakes, and french onion soup. The first two were easily remedied by Monty’s Good Burger in LA, but the latter was a tougher find. The Greenverse & Beyond tour has been endless vegan eats, and lucky me found some amazing french onion soup in good ol’ Salt Lake City, Utah.

Italian food is not only one of the most renowned cuisines, but also creates some of the toughest flavors to emulate without animal products. Hence, it’s pretty hard to find a vegan Italian joint (even in California, home of the vegan cult) .

During our short stint in Salt Lake City, we discovered Seasons Bistro and our lives were forever changed. Seasons is a modern Italian restaurant that creates vegan versions of the classics: fried risotto balls, carbonara, ravioli and more. They were kind enough to invite us in for dinner and we FEASTED. Keep scrolling for a comprehensive review of our fine Italian eats.

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Course one was appitizers aka the moment my soup dreams came true. We had the fried risoto balls, cheesy flatbread, and my one true love, french onion soup. Now pre-vegan days, I had fried risotto balls and they were delicious, so I had high hopes for this veg version. One bite in and I was convinced; these were creamy but crunchy on the outside and had a soft ‘cheese’ in the center. Heaven. Next up was the cheesy flatbread pizza which came with a little faux sausage on top. A perfect, crunchy, thin crust pizza and the cheese/meat combo was stellar.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: french onion soup baby.

This tasted like the real deal. The bread: phenominal. The cheese: gooey and warm and salty and divine. The broth: the perfect I can’t put my finger on it flavor that I would kill to eat again. My heart and stomach are so full.

For entrees, we had ravioli that came in a brown butter and sage sauce. The filing was a squash blend and paired perfectly with the sweet broth. I only wish I had had endless amounts of bread to sop it all up. Ravioli is a hard vegan dish to find so we were pleased with this veggie centric version.

They have many entrees that mimic classic Italian dishes so if you’re craving creamy pasta, this is definitely the spot.

Last but certainly not least was dessert. We had both the cannoli and the cheesecake which were HEAVEN. I’d never had vegan cannoli but I was seriously blown away. And I definitely could have eaten at least 5 slices of cheesecake. The light lemon flavor came through perfectly and the texture was so so soooooo smooth.

All we want to know is can we postmates this to LA? Asking for a friend….

Check out Seasons here and follow them on Instagram here!

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