The Best Vegan Fall Inspired Donuts in The US

Here are the best places to get autumn-inspired donuts in the US.



  1. Donut Friend’s Pumpkin Piebald in Los Angeles

    If you are looking for a classic pumkin spice flavor, try Pumpkin Piebald; a pumpkin cake with a delicious pumpkin spice icing!

  2. The Cinnamon Snail’s Apple Cider Donut in NYC

    If you are from the East Coast, apple cider donuts are a fall must have. You can find them in every donut shop as soon as the season rolls around, but for my vegan friends out there, try The Cinnamon Snail’s take on this East Coast favorite: a moist, cakey cider donut, deliciously coated in cinnamon sugar.

  3. Doe Donut’s Apple Butterscotch Fritter in Portland

    This is definitely a West Coast interpretation of fall-inspired and we are loving every second of it. We love that Doe’s Donuts locally sources ingredients, like the fresh fuji apples in this fritter. But to keep in autumnal and innovative, they make a butterscotch glaze in house! We might have to make a trip to Portland to try it ourselves.

  4. Donut Farm’s Mexican Hot Chocolate in Oakland

    This donut is so reminicent of Bay Area fall/wintertime. Oakland and the surrounding neighborhoods are one of the most diverse areas in California, which means that every holiday season is a mix of cultural traditions. Mexican Hot Chocolate is something you can find in so many resturants, and its perfect for a sweet and spicy, warming drink this fall. Try Donut Farm’s pastry take on this classic drink!

  5. Vegan Treats, Inc.’s Vanilla Soy Chai in Bethlehem

    This vegan bakery makes a wide array of pastries, cakes, and more! Despite their whimsical and quirky flair, the owners of this proudly-vegan shop firmly express the benefits of veganism and truly make it simple with their delicious offerings. Try their s’mores or pumpkin donuts for other fall inspired goodies!

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