AeroFarms is looking to change the nature of agriculture; since 2004, they have been developing vertical farms that aim to produce more, high quality food with lower environmental impact.

Aerofarms is "controlled agriculture" meaning the climate, soil, and light are all accounted for and adjustable within the structure.  This means the ideal conditions can be created at all times, and any season can be mimicked through light, water, and wind.  

The level of control in Aerofarms gives their crops 350 times higher yields than traditional farming.  They use 95% less water as well, making these structures more sustainable than traditional farms.

Are there any downsides to Aerofarms? Well, we can think of a few.  The initial build is not only costly, but requires materials and transport that aren't necessarily sustainable.  It also hurts traditional farmers, who are already under stress from larger corporate agriculture.  

While this is a great idea to improve agriculture in the US, we hope the process of building is thought of sustainably and that the existing market is ethically taken into account.  

Mason Twins