Keto Vegans Exists And We Don't Know How To Feel



Have you heard of the ~keto~ diet? You probably have, considering every recipe on insta is “keto-friendly” and everyone and their mother is trying it out. Have I? Not a chance. I genuinely believe a balanced diet is the cure, but alas. As a seasoned vegan, I’m fully aware there are some diet fads that just don’t mesh with the lifestyle. Veganism usually works best with a balanced approach; trying to aggressively cut out other food groups can have adverse health effects. And if you’re eating nutritiously, you’ll often find yourself at a healthy weight with vegansim, so many of us don’t feel the need to diet any extra.

But then again, some of us do. And some of us want to be keto vegans. Why? I don’t know, but we’re going to investigate anyways. First, what exactly is keto? The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet that puts your body into a process called ketosis. Your body basically goes into overdrive burning fat and you can lose weight rapidly. Many praise the diet because they don’t have to count calories and can “eat as much as they’d like” and still lose weight.

This is…..not completely true. If your 100% keto intake is still putting you in a calorie surplus, you’ll gain weight. But that’s for another conversation. The real question, what is it that keto people eat? Well, according to family members and random insta-folks who are keto, you just eat a lot of fat, no sugar, and no carbs. Breakfasts include eggs, bacon, avocado, and bullet coffee (A WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER MELTED INTO COFFEE). Lunch could be more of the same, or a meat protien and low carb veggies. Dinner is often chicke, beef, fish and veggies.

Downsides are no fruit which is painful for a vegan to hear. Keto folks can make desserts and other bread substitutes with stevia and almond flour.

This doesn’t seem too bad, but how could someone be vegan with these restraints? Honestly we don’t know. It doesn’t sound fun BUT to each their own.

the vegan keto diet:


-vegan faux meats (tofu/tempeh/seiten)

- dark, leafy veggies,

-coconut and coconut oil

-unsweetened plant milk

-nuts and seeds


-vegan cheeses

-vegan friendly egg substitutes (JUST egg, flax, chia)

do not’s:




-potato/sweet potato

-honey/other sweeteners

Hmmm what are your thoughts? We love fruit so this is hard, but if you’re trying to be keto and vegan, maybe this helped! Maybe not, who knows.

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Mason Twins