Sustainable Yoga Gear For Light Workouts This Holiday Season

Light workouts like yoga are perfect for the holiday season; you can drop in for a class or follow a Youtube video from the comfort of your own home. Yoga relaxes, de-stresses, and detoxifies the body after countless fun-filled holiday weekends, and of course, you’ll need some sustainable threads to practice your new hobby! Athletic wear, unlike many other kinds of clothing, is difficult to buy second hand, in good condition and for cheap. Here are some eco-friendly brands to keep you moving this holiday season.

  1. Green Apple

Green Apple Active makes workout gear with organic bamboo, resulting in softer, more breathable fabric. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial (which inhibits odors) and of course, is more sustainable that synthetic blends. All cotton blended into Green Apple's pieces is also certified organic.

2. Groceries Apparel

From their site: “Made from 100% California-grown organic cotton and designed to flatter every curve, our California Tee is undeniably the best tee in the game.” They pride their fabrics on not only being organic, but also recycled.

3. teeki

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 10.14.12 PM.png

These fun leggings are made from plastic water bottles! Teeki boasts that every pound of their clothing conserves the equivalent of 1/2 lbs of gasolline. Better yet, all of their clothing is created via environmentally friendly and ethical practices.

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