The Best Faux Leather Label: Sans Beast

If you are a vegan, you probably stopped purchasing fur and leather for all of the ethical reasons that come with a plant based lifestyle. However, if you are new to eco-conscious living, you may still be buying animal based goods.

While there are many ethical reasons that you may (or may not!) care about regarding leather and fur, we wanted to break it down to the single most important environmental impact of these industries: waste. Not only is it waste a life by killing an animal, but these industries waste energy, land, and precious resources to raise animals that are typically killed for only a small part of their bodies.

How do we stop participating in these industries? Purchase faux fur and faux leather goods. Its a simple switch, typically less expensive, and way more eco-conscious!

We love Sans Beast, a woman owned brand dedicated to animal and environmental welfare. It’s founder, Cathryn Wells, previously worked at a leather goods retailer, but after adopting a vegetarian diet, promptly realized that her profession and her ethics did not line up. Thus, Sans Beast was born.

The company is also partnered with Edgar’s Mission, a charitable organization that houses rescued animals. The founder of Sans Beast says her visit to this charity in the U.K. was a critical part of the formation fo the brand.

Shop our favorite Sans Beast products, The Liasion Tote and The Reader Satchel.

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