How To Build A Minimalist Wardrobe (For Under $200)

If you haven’t watched the Marie Kondo documentary or seen the endless twitter memes about her tidy-joy-bringing lifestyle, get caught up and then get back to me.

Okay now that you’re up to speed, we want to help you build a ~minimalist~ wardrobe for under $150. It won’t have everything, but it will consist of the basics to get you through the week with ease. Let’s begin.

Ideally, we would want all the basics covered (underwear, socks) plus tees/longsleeves, pants, and some sort of activewear. Everything else can be considered statement pieces and you can find at secondhand shops or thrift stores. We’ll be using Pact mostly because I’ve honestly never found a susty brand that can beat their prices…and THAT’S THAT on THAT.

Let’s tackle basics…

Pact makes 100% cotton underwear in a ton of different styles, 3 for $27!

They also carry socks (2 for $13, 4 for $20) and they are LITERALLY THE SOFTEST THINGS MY TOES HAVE FELT.

Up next, tees/layering shirts. These are perfect for simple fits and putting under warmer pieces to keep cozy.

These long sleeves come in black and white, 2 for $25. There are also tons of styles to choose from, this is just MY personal fave.

Everlane is perfect for inexpensive jeans that will last a lifetime. These are only $68 and come in four washes!

Last but not least, workout gear! Pact has 2 leggings for $30, I REPEAT 2 FOR $30. I personally wear these, and they are super high quality.

LASTLY, a dope little hoodie to throw over your gear and keep you warm on winter runs. Yes, I also own this, yes it’s only $35, yes IM IN LOVE.

Mason Twins