How to: Halloween, Sustainably

Halloween costumes, and I’m talking about the one-time-wear, cheaply made, bought-on-Amazon, Halloween costumes, are among the things that I cannot stand. Not only are they typically basic and kind of awful, but they are the definition of fast fashion; one time wear and probably being thrown right after. Now I’m not attacking all my Halloween lovers out there; I dress up every year! But how do we go about making this holiday a little kinder to the Earth?

  1. Look in your own closet (or a friends)

    I often find pieces in my closet that I haven’t worn in ages, or have the perfect dramatic flair for a costume. Before settling on a costume idea, raid your closet and a friend’s to see what speaks to you!

  2. DIY what you can

    I love to rework my old clothes into costume pieces. If you are going as something spooky, try distressing an old pair of jeans or a tee shirt. For a movie character or TV show, typically you can find what you need in your closet. Check out Youtube for some inspo on how to DIY your old pieces.

  3. Thrift any additional pieces

    Thrift stores are gold mines for unconventional halloween costumes. Check your local area for thrift stores near you,, but a pro tip: keep your eye out for eccentric pieces year round. You never know what you mind find!!

Mason Twins