How To (Almost) Completely Zero Waste Your Bathroom

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A question most zero waste people get OFTEN is “well what do you do about toilet paper?” Not a cute question, but alas an important one. Tushy is an innovator when it comes to environmentally-friendly bathrooms. Here’s why:

Tushy was one of the first companies to bring a bidet to the mainstream market as an environmentally friendly option. Bidets are commonplace in Europe and East Asia, but have failed to thoroughly saturate US markets. As zero-waste living became more popularized in the media, the infamous bathroom question arose and created a space for brands like Tushy.

So what’s the 411 on Tushy? They are known for their eco-friendly bidet, but they also carry a range of products if bidets aren’t your jam. The bidet is great if you want a completely waste-free solution, but if you have reservations, they got you covered. Bamboo TP is another one of their best-sellers and provides a sustainable option for those who can’t commit to the bidet.

Tushy has a solution for everyone, so check them out if you’re looking to lower your bathroom waste (no pun intended???)

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