Is MAC cruelty free?

The short answer: no. However, MAC has a complex history regarding the markets it sells within, as well as why it is no longer a cruelty free brand.

MAC is a worldwide, multi billion dollar company, owned by parent company Estee Lauder. It is a highly distinguished brand; MAC is not sold anywhere except MAC stores, high-end department stores, and online through these retailers. The exclusivity, as well as the brand recognition due to their sleek “bullet” packaging has made MAC one of the most iconic makeup brands to date. 



The demand for MAC is world wide, so as of 2016, MAC opened up their products in the Chinese market. Not only does China allow animal testing, but they require it by law for any cosmetic that will be sold in their market.

Estee Lauder, which was formerly a cruelty free company, released a statement that they do not test on animals unless it is required by law. One can only assume this is due to their expansion into the Chinese market. 

So for avid MAC makeup consumers, fear not. If you are living in any country besides China, know that your products were not tested on animals. However, to begin selling in a market that requires these practices by law does create a moral conflict for makeup artists interested in sustainable and ethical living. Not only is MAC affected, but every other company under Estee Lauder is subject to this policy change, including Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and La Mer. 

Mason Twins