Is Beauty Bakerie The Next Big Makeup Brand?

We are always on the lookout for new cruelty free makeup brands, but all too often, these indie companies are similar in terms of coverage, color selection, and shade range. If you are looking for a diverse line of high quality, full coverage makeup, Beauty Bakerie may be your new best friend.

Once reason Beauty Bakerie has so many stans online and across the globe is not only the amazing product, but the humble beginnings and inspiring dedication of founder Cashmere Nicole. Earlier this year, hundreds of articles featuring Nicole’s name splashed across the internet as Ulta announced they would soon be carrying the brand in their nationwide cosmetics stores. Now 34 and living in California, Nicole seems to be at the top of her game with her beauty brand. However, as many of her followers and loyal customers know, it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Cashmere Nicole was a teen mom working to put herself through college at the turn of the century; workings as a nurse post-grad, she was a single mother barely making enough to get by and support her family. However, Nicole says she had always had entrepreneurial dreams she wanted to pursue, and decided to start her beauty line, Beauty Bakerie, which she worked on in addition to her nursing job. She wanted to dedicate the brand to a cause, and decided upon Breast Cancer Awareness because “she liked the color pink.” However, this foreshadowed something Nicole could have never anticipated.

In 2012, Cashmere Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says this took a real toll on her both emotionally and physically; the doctors told her she would need a double mastectomy, which she felt robbed her of what made her feel feminine. She was devastated for her daughter Jasmyn, whom Cashmere felt like she would leave all too soon. Nicole describes feeling as though she was “planning her own funeral".”

But after a difficult surgery and recovery process, Nicole beat the cancer and recovered. With her recovery, she crafted a 5 year plan for Beauty Bakerie. She began by reformulating, ensuring that everything was 100% cruelty free and vegan. But after a difficult 4 years into her plan, and an other stint in the hospital due to the cancer, Nicole felt discouraged and gave up building her company for over 2 months.

However, Nicole decided to re-start her journey and continue the work for her beauty business. In 2015, thanks to and Instagram Ad she posted featuring her long wear lipsticks, Nicole claims that Beauty Bakerie started growing exponentially. Now, the brand has expanded to producing products of all types, including foundation, palettes, and more!

New to Beauty Bakerie but don’t know where to start? Their foundation is the most high coverage, durable you will ever buy! But if you are looking for something more creative in the new year, try their Do It For The Graham palette! All of their packaging, shade/product names are inspired by baked goods, which is amazingly creative and unique in the beauty world.

Mason Twins